Traditional Family Home, Armagh

This project is for a 3500 sqft family house on a farm near Armagh. The house comes under PPS 21 legsilation and is in a sensitive rural location.

The design sees the creation of a traditional frontage to the main house. This traditional approach satisfies the current policy on rural  design in sensitive locations and presents a traditional and modest face to the building. It however opens up more to the rear with larger expanses of glass which allow the living spaces to engage and maximise the views and connnections with outside space.

Within the main 2 storey house is accommodated a large living space, study and 4 bedrooms each with a countryside view. To the rear of the site a single storey building connects the large living space to an open plan kitchen, dining and family room. This space allows the family to be together in connected space while still affording each element a well defined space. The family room also steps down with the countours of the site enabling a larger ceiling height and a sense of enclosure.

Although traditional in appearance the house is proposed to be constructed using a SIP frame (structurally insulated frame) and be brought up to a code level 6 net-zero carbon house.