Bexhill Seafront Shelter


The design of the shelters draws on childhood memories and associations of the seaside of fun, excitement and joy. Each of the shelters utilise a similar generic form which is based loosely on an abstract sea bird form coming to rest on the beach, its wings out spread providing shelter.

Each shelter although similar in form and structure, could be given its own identity through colourful lighting at night, individual street furniture and through the potential for the involvement of local artists to create artwork on each of the shelters roof coverings.

The aim is to provide a contemporary and fun piece of architecture that will stimulate and excite those who come into contact with them and contribute towards a new contemporary vision for the seafront.

The design of the kiosk is based on a pebble form found on the beach. An iconic structure visible from a distance yet simple in form. Its design is primarily geared toward interacting with the public utilising the promenade and maximising the potential of passing trade. It does this by extending its roof over the promenade, drawing people in for shelter and enticing them with its coffee, ice cream and beach goods.