Architect Designed Eco Pod Starts on Site


Wilson McMullen Architects won a competition in 2009 to design a set of Eco Pods or wig-wams in Morocco. While the project in Morocco is on hold, the same client has appointed us to design the first prototype of the wig wam, which has just gone into construction on-site in Auckland, New Zealand.

The timber construction will be clad with recycled / upcycled materials such as corrugated metal, reclaimed timber cladding, reclaimed glazing etc. It will be insulated using sheeps wool and kept warm with a small pot bellied stove.

We are also in development, with the client,  of a hinged pneumatic door , that will provide a great connection with the outdoors as well as providing a sense of enclosure and shelter from sun / rain to a proposed terrace to the front of the pods.



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